Key Lighting

by Druggy Pizza

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Found a cheesy synth from the 90's,
Set everything in the red,
Hit the record button,
Sketchy EP.


released May 4, 2014

All tracks by Druggy Pizza except "You Trip Me Up" by Jesus & Mary Chain.
Recorded on a 4-track cassette tape recorder in April 2014 or something.
Druggy Pizza on all the instruments.

"Surf music purists beware, you'll probably hate "Sand Witches". However, if you like your surf music sounding like Harley Davidson of Deadbolt playing with Pussy Galore, you're in luck. I'm not trying to be an asshole. I know only about four of you will know both of those bands, but those four of you will know exactly what I mean. There's a lot of other noisy shit going on in it, but that Deadbolt and Pussy Galore would be the predominant noisy shit.
The song is by Druggy Pizza aka Cédric Bottacchi from Dusty Mush, not that that tells you anything. I don't know who the hell he is, some French dude. I just ran into it. Checked out a video by Dusty Mush and they're fairly noisy too. Heavy on the distortion with a primal kit bashing beat, self aware as it might be. Regardless, nice to hear the youngsters still banging on guitars instead of some of that button down reverent stuff. Abrasive music should be encouraged. Always."
La Dimension De Trastos

"The four-track EP kicks off with “Sand Witches,” a reverb-ridden surf jam sprinkled with spacey echos that give the tune an almost intergalactic feel. A mixture of Best Coast and Sultan Bathery, the completely instrumental “Sand Witches” is the perfect groovy start to a stellar sophomore EP. Next up is the title track, “Key Lighting,” which explores the slower, more sedated side of Druggy Pizza. The track feels a bit like trudging through molasses – sluggish, sticky, and the slightest bit sweet. Multilayered instrumentals serve to both confuse and enthrall listeners before fading into “You Trip Me Up,” by Jesus & Mary Chain. While it’s certainly an unusual approach to take to have another band featured on your album, it works out for DP, as Jesus & Mary Chain brings some much-needed rhythm and lyrics to the EP, the steady vocals of Jim Reid tying it all together. Finally, Druggy Pizza wraps up with “Pizza Sloths,” a twangy-meets-middle eastern sounding track that will send shivers up your spine. Clocking in at only 2:05, “Pizza Sloths” brings the album to a fitting close with repeated lyrics and unrelenting guitar chords. Overall, if we had to say only one thing about this album, it would be…"
Jam Spreader



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Druggy Pizza Melun, France

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